Plaxpot Re:Generation Cream


Plaxpot cream is a specialist cream developed to help sooth skin. It can be used from 6 days onwards following the plaxpot treatment. It can also be used for other invasive skin treatments such as laser, IPL, electrolysis, waxing, etc.

Specialist aftercare for use after all treatments to soothe and calm the skin (once scabs have been removed in the case of Plaxpot). Use each day to speed up healing and as an everyday skin conditioner. Moisturizing and Calming effect. Excellent for moisturizing wounds and inflammation of dry skin, controlling sebum & water balance, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant function, effective in acne treatment and anti-aging.

How to use: apply the cream to your skin, evenly, 2~3 times/day during the 1st week after fibroblast treatment.

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